Understanding Our Clip Naming Convention

Explanation of our easy to follow individual file name structure.

Our file names contain 3 fields describing the type of footage in the following category.

video clip naming convention

Our clip name prefix provides you with two visual attributes about the clip. First the time of day the clip was photographed and then whether the clip is in real-time or time-lapse.


The second field in our clip/file name tells you either the general location of the shot or the location the shot was photographed from.

Elysian Park, Pershing Square, Park Plaza, 110 Freeway, etc.

The third field is the number of the clip in the collection based on the time of day (night, day & magic hour) and the type of clip (real-time or time-lapse)

Our clip naming convention matches our actual file name used for delivery to you.

Only LA Stock Footage Clients

Only LA stock footage specializes in servicing television and feature film productions.

Our clients require rights managed stock footage licensing that includes worldwide, all media, in perpetuity on a per episode or per film project basis.

Major film production studios and television networks have been using our unique on-set playback library for over 10 years. Playback Technologies has now launched their private collection of Los Angeles stock footage to the production and post production industry.

Our clips are available in 4K (UHD 3180x2160x23.98) and HD (1920x1080x23.98) for integration directly into the post production pipeline. Your footage is delivered in the ProRes HQ codec as a Quicktime mov.

los angeles stock footageOur web site is for screening purposes only. To purchase clips please contact Playback Technologies at (818) 556-5030 and we will email you a download link for the Los Angeles stock you have purchased. Television production and feature film clients only require a purchase order number to order clips.

Los Angeles Stock Footage Philosophy

Is there such a thing as “the perfect Los Angeles stock footage shot”?

We think there is and we are constantly trying to discover it! What sets us apart from other stock footage sources is the way we photograph and compose multiple shots from the same location that allow you to select the best composition and time of day for your projects unique aesthetics. From wide shots, close ups, day, night, magic hour and time lapse you will not find a better single resource of Los Angeles stock footage. See Our Entire Collection on our – Homepage.

los angeles stock footageOur clips are delivered as Quicktime MOV’s in ProRes HQ ready to drop right in to the post production pipeline.

The length of our Los Angeles stock footage clips are longer than most stock footage providers. Clip lengths depend on the action taking place within the shot. Traffic lights & vehicle patterns, changing weather conditions, metro trains, camera slider movement or “in camera zooms” all effect how we select our final clip lengths. This lets our clients select the the best “sweet spot” within the clip for a more personalized stock footage experience.

We return to the same locations several times during the year to capture various camera angles, times of day, weather conditions and traffic & pedestrian congestion. Over 90% of our clips are available in both 4K (UHD 3840×2160) and full HD (1920×1080) in 23.98 to satisfy current network and new original programming finishing requirements. Our clips are available after purchase via emailed download links.

Our cinematographer Steve Irwin color grades every shot in Davinci Resolve using his 30 years experience as a senior colorist. Steve has graded 100’s of commercials and network television programs and now brings his personal aesthetic to this new and growing Los Angeles stock footage collection.

If you don’t see exactly what you need please contact Steve Irwin at (818) 556- 5030 or email steve24@playbacktech.com for custom Los Angeles stock footage and establishing shot photography.